Find documentation for the Ticketswitch API and client libraries

API Documentation

Documentation for the TicketSwitch XML core API and XML feeds can be found here

Python package - pyticketswitch

Pyticketswitch, a Python package for using the TicketSwitch XML core API is available from PyPI or GitHub.

Basic documentation for the package with examples is available here

Java Client

An, initially development, Java client library for using the TicketSwitch XML core API is available.

Source code, class files and also some documentation, generated from JavaDoc source comments, is available within this TicketSwitch.jar JAR file.

The source code is for a typical Eclipse project, but does not need to be used with Eclipse. A Java project may use the compiled classes within the JAR simply by including the JAR in the Java class path. E.g. javac -classpath "bin:TicketSwitch.jar"

The JavaDoc documentation for the XML core API clientcan be found here